…24-7TrafficScoolonline.com is the best thing that ever happened to me since I got my driver license. I am a truck driver and I've had a few tickets before, resulting a visit to a conventional traffic school. This time I've tried for the first time an Internet course with 24-7TrafficSchoolonline.com, and will all sincerity I will say that this is the only traffic school for me from now on. The course was very interesting with lots of pictures, extremely informative, and most of all - EASY and QUICK….
  -Jeffrey, Kern County  
  I'm a mother of three and for me to go to 8-hour traffic school is practically impossible. I have taken the traffic school course on line once before, but I accidentally deleted their address from my browser. This time I took the course with 24-7 Traffic School Online and I'm glad I deleted this other one. The course was very easy to read and I was able to finish it relatively fast, I was also very pleased with the customer support that you have provided. I am glad I found you and this time I will make sure your address will not be deleted from my computer. Thanks a lot.
- Alison, San Diego 
Great site. Great material. Great idea. Thanks guys
 -Adam, San Diego 
  …what I like about your course the most, is that it's so user friendly; I was able to complete the whole course and it wasn't a time that I  had to stop and think what to do next. I was guided step by step all the way to the end. P.S. Your lifetime certificate is a great idea.
    -Anthony, Kern County  

This is a great site that I enjoyed (except the part that I had to deal with the court before coming to taking traffic school). The unique thing was because of this site’s verification design, there is no need for you to go to a notary at the end, if your court requires you to do so. The site provides credentials and proof that the person taking the tests/studying is the actual/same person who got the ticket. The site is accepted almost every court in SF Bay Area.
I relied on this site to get my two traffic school requirements passed – one in 2006 and in 2012. With six years apart, I didn’t forget them and went back, and they didn’t disappoint me. They took care of things for me – given enough practice and studying materials; given me enough time to pass the exam, and they took care of my records by electronically sending my certification to the court, and they confirmed me via physical mail. I just like working with 24-7 – period!

Laini, San Lorenzo, CA

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